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Wadi Al Salaam Cemetery, Najaf, Iraque

Wadi Al-Salam Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in the world; it includes the remains of millions of Muslims and dozens of scientists, guardians, and dutifuls. As well as the remains of the prince of faithfuls, Ali Ibn Abi Talib and graves of prophets of God, Salh and Hod. The cemetery extended from the center of the city to the far north-west and forms 13% from the area of the city, and it measures 917 hectares. Wadi Al-Salam cemetery considers the spirit of the city because it is visited by millions of Muslims of various parts of the world. The date of burial in the cemetery back to ancient times before the middle ages, and it includes number of prophets, and dutifuls graves. Also were buried in it the kings of Al-Hira and it's leaders from Al-Sassani Era (637-226) and were buried in the cemetery companions, kings, Sultans, princes of the state of Hamdania, Fatimia, Al-Buwayhyia, Saffawayia, Qajar,and Jalairiyah. Wadi Al-Salam cemetery had included several kinds of burial, which were lower graves, and high graves (towers).There was a way of burial inside special rooms allocated to each family. As well as the way of burial inside valuts, were rooms carved underground and the way of getting down to it was by ladder, which included remains of quite number of the deads.